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Rise part 1

In everything that is happening around us, from the issue of South China Sea ( and I can’t believe that they even have their own hugot about this), the numerous killings around us because of drugs, to whoever should be the vice president, I just had this reflection about myself and the all the people around me, around you. They say that change is coming, which, according to most Manileños, is manifesting on the clean streets of Divisoria and Baclaran. Change is coming, which shows on the different actions by the police department towards rampant criminality nationwide (which is weird, because they did not act like that before). Change is coming, that even drug pushers felt the urge to surrender, either because of fear to get killed, or they simply believe that they indeed need to change. Change is coming, that in a span of 7 days, our new president was able to do a lot of things, compared to his predecessors. Alright, that is wonderful, that is great. Kudos to the president, and to the people who voted him. However, here we go.

It’s good to see that we Filipinos are following the marching orders, figuratively speaking, from our new president. But if we are going to look back in history and analyze how a country rose up to being a powerhouse, we would see two things. First, which emanates in our country now, is the change in governance, which is normally being led by a leader. No one can forget how Abraham Lincoln of the U.S. of A united the newly-founded states to a common goal, which is to eradicate slavery. Oh well, it is not totally eradicated, but at least it is contained, and this containment costs thousands, if not, millions of American lives.  Another example, which might sound gruesome to those who know him pretty well, is Adolf Hitler.  Adolf rose to power and was able to execute his grand plan of exterminating Jews not by miracle; this was supported by the German people who thought that he can lead the country. These 2 examples tell us the importance of a leader. Now, let me proceed to the second item, which is actually you.

Yes, you, us, the people of this country. We do follow the marching orders of our president, but that is not enough, and it will never be enough. I’m hoping that we are not going to be mere blind followers, reaching the status quo. Because, if we just follow, yes there will be order, and yes, that is going to be an achievement, but that will only push our country to the extent that we do what we do. Filipinos will study, then work, get married, or just work, buy a car, own a house, start a family. My question will be, who will put the salary to our ATM cards? Who will pay the HMO grant that you got for your family? Who will provide your life insurance, and all the security that you need to enjoy the effect of the new governance? Before you answer, let’s look at our current local employment situation. Who does those stuff that I just asked you? Foreigners. Yes, well, foreigners, right? They bring in the investment to our country, which provides jobs. That is indeed a good thing, but haven’t you noticed? Aren’t we just employees in our own country? Then lets ask ourselves, who run this country, Filipinos? Well, obviously, no. Hence, my fellow countrymen, we need to progress. 2 items, the leader and the people, must progress together. And, when I say progress for the people of this country, I mean;

  1. Think out of the box


We Filipinos are fond of imitating others, up to the point that we totally lack originality. We have some who bravely thought out of the box and invented or initiated something. Before we feel confident for ourselves, lets ask this question: Are we part of the global business radar? Are there any brands out there that came from us? Ponder on those questions, and for crying out loud, you can be proud of Jollibee, but we should not end there.

With the new government, lets be brave and think out of the box. Our country can have someone like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Lee Byung-Chul, and Steve Jobs. What these fellows did to their country was followed by factors that affect a country’s economy which means employment. If our generation can produce innovators, this would be followed by jobs. And finally, just like what our new president said, time might come that working abroad will just be an option, because we already have jobs here.


This might sound unrealistic, and this has a lot of factors before an idea translates to being feasible. But isn’t that what it means to think out of the box? To step out of our comfort zone?  It is not going to be easy, but don’t you think that it’s worth it? There is nothing wrong with being employed, but I personally clamor for the time to come when Filipinos will be known globally competitive, not just because of Manny Pacquiao, Pia Wurtzbach, or any other celebrities, but because we were able to produce an idea, a product, a person, that would leave a dent on every living citizen on the surface of the earth. Let us bring back the spirit that Jose Rizal gave birth to, genuine nationality at its finest, not bloody, but going through tides of change.  So, it’s a challenge for us guys.


Change is coming? Let’s fulfill that battlecry! Let us rise. .

What else do you think we need to do to help our country rise? Post your comments below.

I’ll be posting the second part of Rise by next week.