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The Philippines vs China

image Lets face it, we cannot win any kind of war against China. No, we cannot. And let’s not use some historical facts to back up any assumptions that we can. Let us not be idiots and use the analogy of ant vs. carabao, and that the ant can win because it can look for its opponent’s weakness. China has the worst of all worlds, may it be enslavement (Japan, England),capitalism (Chiang Kai Shek), feudalism (dynasties),and communism (Mao’s, Deng’s). What do we have so far? Yes, we do have enslavement (Spanish, American), capitalism ( well, do I need to expound?), and feudalism ( or frailocracy, under Spanish). You may therefore conclude that my argument goes into saying that communism makes a country strong. I’m pretty sure that some historians would oppose to this, lest we forget North Korea and Cuba. Well, that is not what I mean. What I’m trying to say is, these factors made China stronger. China is like a World War 2 POW, who was thrown to the ocean with his toes cuffed with 10 tons of steel, who felt the worst of drowning and was trying to swim his way up, but the weight of steel rebelled to it. Who with his cunning ability was able to remove the cuff, swam his way up like a deprived eel, and for the first and last time, appreciated the value of oxygen and air, lungs angry and heart crying. That’s what darkness can do, makes you appreciate the light. And that’s what happened to them. And now, they are aggressive. Yes, they are not perfect, will never be, just like the rest of us. They have violated things that in our land will not ever happen. Since there are no absolutes, given their Maoist stand, reducing their populace into mere units and can easily be dispensed is a normal thing. Compared to us, we think we value life because of our predominant belief, though this is more of a farce in my own thinking. So, going back to China, here you can see students go to school despite heavy rain and short breaks, or none at all. Workers who are willing to work with minimum wage, or as small as someone couldn’t imagine. But, this dragon attitude of theirs is materializing. It shows with the progress of their economy. So, it’s up to you my fellow countrymen. I think it’s better if we go back to our roots and address our serious problems. No, I’m not talking about corrupt government officials. I’m talking about the our level of education, how parents raise their children, how employees treat their work, our culture outlook. Last thing is, how we use our gifts. Let’s tackle these things, this brings food on the table. As of Spratlys, well, Singapore and Malaysia are progressive Southeast Asia countries without a group of islands.