As part of my first post, I want to express things that I normally share with someone I talk with.  Characterized with grief and enthusiasm, failures and good reasons,  disappointments and hopes, I venture with my companion through the downs and ups of reality that is evident from the corners of our schools, the films tagged as Filipino made, market trends, local trends, and the everyday schism that we are witnessing but blindly conforming with.  You may react against ‘downs and ups’ that I stated.  Well, let me break the ice and say that I prefer to start with the word ‘downs’ since I need say things from the grounds of cynical and sarcasm, to be sprinkled on the plethora of facts and insights that are crying everyday.

The Philippines before and now, I would say, is not far different. Our country was not a world power ,nor a major economic power. Our ancestors were not united as well, a far cry from what happened in Japan and China, for they were united by a shogun with the former and an emperor with the latter. We didn’t have a kingdom of our own, and an arrays of ancient monuments are not visible. Though I know this is not the main point for some economists and intelligent people . Unlike the arrogant foreigner I heard while my girlfriend and I were at Ayala museum where he said that Filipinos didn’t originally know the truth about history and how we came up to be (he was laughing out loud while he was saying this with his peers).

I know it’s not too late for us. For this country to know it’s DNA and work on it.  For it might be true that this country survives because of labor exporting and call centers, but we do not end there. It’s not too late for this country to contribute to world market, brands to brag, works of art, and accolades of her greatness. It’s not too late, for it was proven before. One person did it, and he is our national hero.


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